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Maisie Perkins

Maisie Perkins, born 2002, lives in South-East England. Having achieved a distinction Foundation Diploma in art and design, she has gone on to study Fine Art at Arts University Bournemouth and is due to graduate in 2024. 


The artist utilises her practice as a means of understanding how she fits into and connects with the modern world. Working across paint, print and textiles, her artworks depict the primitive things in life, moving seamlessly between the body and the objects that surround us. She employs the female form as a vice to explore conversations from a feminist perspective, touching upon the issues and struggles that face women today. Her interest with depicting everyday objects derives from their ability to manifest as an outer reflection of who we are as people, offering further comprehension about how we choose to exist. Her process of applying paint mirrors her practices intentions, as she utilises thick, blockish swatches which relate to the digital age we live in and therefore reflect the way in which we see and process the world.


Most recently, Maisie Perkins has produced work for the group exhibition ‘Ancient and Unknown’ 2022, which manifested as a series of still life paintings inspired by the site of St Nicholas’ church along with current conversations in society surrounding memorials and monumentality. Each painting works to establish a specific narrative of identity, with the compositions being constructed from mundane and everyday objects imbued with memories. Similar themes have been explored in the group exhibition ‘From Our Hands’ 2022, which saw the creation of a mixed media, floral tapestry, drawing together fragments across multiple photographs taken throughout her life to invent a new composition. Through bringing together these references to a range of different environments in one new piece, she produces a new world reflective of all the places she has experienced that have influenced her identity. Currently, the artist is focusing her interest on the female body in relation to the public vs the private, interrogating its portrayal within mass media. 


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